Submissions from 2013


Degradation of MAC13243 and studies of the interaction of resulting thiourea compounds with the lipoprotein targeting chaperone LolA., Courtney Barker, Sarah Allison, Soumaya Zlitni, Nick Duc Nguyen, Rahul Das, Giuseppe Melacini, Alfredo A. Capretta, and Eric D. Brown


A high-throughput screen of the GTPase activity of Escherichia coli EngA to find an inhibitor of bacterial ribosome biogenesis, Amrita Bharat, Jan E. Blanchard, and Eric D. Brown

Submissions from 2012


Inhibition of WTA Synthesis Blocks the Cooperative Action of PBPs and Sensitizes MRSA to β‑Lactams, Maya A. Farha, Alexander Leung, Edward W. Sewell, Michael A. D'Elia, Sarah E. Allison, Linda Ejim, Pedro M. Pereira, Mariana G. Pinho, Gerard D. Wright, and Eric D. Brown