Editors: Mark Busser
  Meagan Kinsella
  Sara McGuire
  Calum McNeil
  Dan Bousfield
  Usma Qureshi
  Scott Smith
  Liam Stockdale
  Mark Williams
  Philippe Frowd
We are pleased to announce the formation of Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy, an open access, multimedia innovative journal launching in 2012.

This academic, fully peer reviewed journal will serve as a tool to introduce and discuss key concepts, ideas and people in International Relations and Public Policy, providing a 'bridging tool' for students and scholars of the field. Written submissions will be accompanied by a multimedia component to allow open and public discussion about the ideas and concepts discussed in the journal. For more information about Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy please view the Aims and Scope section.

To view video submissions please see our related youtube channel.

Manuscripts should be submitted via this website, and video components can be added during the submission process. If you have any questions about the process please see our submission guidelines, or contact .

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1 (2014)