About This Journal

In order to promote accessibility, the journal will use an innovative mixed-media format wherein submissions will include both a text-based 'article' component and a related multimedia 'lecture' component, a combination analogous to an author’s contribution to a traditional disciplinary conference experience.

In order to promote a high standard of quality, submissions will be subject to a process of anonymous peer-review. Unlike most journals, however, this process will include additional opportunities for a participatory dynamic of online conversation, interaction and engagement that takes place in concert with the traditional review process, helping to shape the publication in its final form.

Multimedia components should be no longer than 10 -15 minutes and must be provided during the paper submission process. A detailed description of the submission process is detailed here.

If an article is rejected, authors can delete the video or have it open to the public as part of the ongoing 'Conversations' on the Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy youtube channel. The editorial board reserves the right to remove, disaffiliate and delete videos from the youtube channel at any time.