Aims & Scope

The multitude of theoretical approaches and concepts in International Relations (IR) and Public Policy (PP) present several challenges to teaching and learning. In addition to a fairly imposing canon of 'traditional' approaches, the fields of IR and PP have seen the profusion of a wide variety of theoretical innovations and challenges. Instructors of IR and PP struggle to cover canonical material and can find it difficult to allocate ample time for the investigation of more recent conceptual developments and debates.

As students begin to engage with contemporary scholarship in their independent studies, they are often overwhelmed and intimidated by the way in which advanced concepts, theories, and methods are deployed. Tendencies towards interdisciplinary exploration within IR and PP scholarship complicate matters, as students must make sense of casual references to scholars, philosophers, and other thinkers to whom their disciplinary training has not yet introduced them. Upper-level undergraduates, Master's students, and incoming PhD students commonly report a sense of being overwhelmed and feeling 'behind' because their peers whom appear comfortable with advanced concepts with which they are not familiar. Significantly, students have difficulty finding 'bridging resources' that can serve as primer for further investigations into advanced concepts in IR and PP. It is difficult to find resources that introduce and contextualize challenging topics in a way that helpfully provides a combination of rigorous academic work, broad-based framing and accessible writing.

Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy will provide a forum for the exploration of contested concepts, with an emphasis on education, innovation and excellence. The journal will hold as a guiding philosophy the idea that accessibility and intelligibility are academic virtues worth fostering, as well as the assertion that an author who artfully balances nuance with lucidity in order to make difficult material accessible makes an important and worthwhile scholarly contribution to the field. We favor submissions that frame introductions to key concepts, thinkers and debates, in original and thoughtful ways, in order to facilitate intellectual engagement and exploration without sacrificing intellectual sophistication.

Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy is an International Relations and Public Policy journal and welcomes work that intersects with topics and issues in global politics and public policy.

Bridges: Conversations in Global Politics and Public Policy welcomes a variety of methods and approaches to subjects and topics in global politics, with an emphasis on accessibility and clarity.

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