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Helen Ostovich (ostovich@mcmaster.ca) is Professor of English at McMaster University. She is founding editor of the journal Early Theatre, and a general editor of The Revels Plays, as well as the electronic series, Queen’s Men Editions. She is also Series Editor of the Ashgate Studies in Performance and Early Modern Drama. As a play-editor, she prepared The Magnetic Lady for The Cambridge Works of Ben Jonson; The Late Lancashire Witches and A Jovial Crew for Richard Brome Online; and co-edited (with Holger Schott Syme and Andrew Griffin) a volume of essays, Locating the Queen’s Men, 1583-1603: Material Practices and Conditions of Playing (2009). She is currently preparing The Ball for The Complete Works of James Shirley (OUP) and The Merry Wives of Windsor for Norton Shakespeare 3.