The launch of a new journal on the commedia dell’arte, the first exclusively dedicated to this subject, marks an auspicious time to assess current scholarship in this exceptionally productive interdisciplinary field, and to introduce the new, exciting research findings here presented to the readers of Early Theatre. This introduction considers the five articles of this 'Issues in review', on 'The Commedia dell’arte: New Perspectives and New Documents', in the context of a review of current developments in commedia dell’arte studies, as reflected in key recent publications, and in particular, the 2008 first issue of the annual, peer-reviewed journal Commedia dell’arte, Annuario Internazionale.

Author Biography

M.A. Katritzky is the Barbara Wilkes Research Fellow in Theatre Studies in the Department of English, The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, a former Fellow of the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Alexander von Humboldt Foundation and Herzog August Library, and holder of research awards from the British Academy and Arts and Humanities Research Council. Recent publications on the commedia dell'arte, mountebanks, quacks and British troupes in early modern Europe include The Art of Commedia: A Study of the Commedia dell'arte 1550-1620 with Special Reference to the Visual Records (Rodopi, 2006) and Women, Medicine and Theatre 1500-1750: Literary Mountebanks and Performing Quacks (Ashgate, 2007).