Special Issue Guest Editor
Monique Moser-Verrey
Journal Editors
Eugenia Zuroski Jenkins and
Peter Walmsley

23:4 Book Reviews

For this issue, book reviews are available online and for free at

Visit the above website to read these reviews:

Charles Brockden Brown, Ormond, or The Secret Witness, with Related Texts, ed. Philip Barnard & Stephen Shapiro (Hackett, 2009), reviewed by Tom Allen

Sarah Butler, Irish Tales, ed. Ian Campbell Ross, Aileen Douglas, and Anne Markey; and Vertue Rewarded, ed. Ian Campbell Ross and Anne Markey (Four Courts Press, 2010), reviewed by Clíona Ó Gallchoir

Francis Coventry, The History of Pompey the Little, ed. Nicholas Hudson (Broadview, 2008), reviewed by Heather Keenleyside

Pascale Ejarque, Ecrire la cloture conventuelle: Realities feminines, reveries masculines dans "La Vie de Marianne" de Marivaux (Honore Champion, 2009), reviewed by Servanne Woodward

Jocelyn Harris, A Revolution Almost beyond Expression: Jane Austen's "Persuasion" (University of Delaware Press, 2007), reviewed by Aileen Douglas

Thomas Keymer, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Laurence Sterne (Cambridge University Press, 2009), reviewed by Peter Briggs

Sarah R. Wakefield, Folklore in British Literature: Naming and Narrating in Women's Fiction, 1750-1880 (Peter Lang Publishing, 2006), reviewed by Carol Newell