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Near-Infrared spectroscopy has been used reliably for glucose identification and quantification in chemistry lab environments. With an appropriate processing algorithm, it should be possible to measure glucose concentration in blood non-invasively. The goal of this project is to develop a data-collecting system that can be used with a range of IR photo detectors. The primary concern is to eliminate as much noise and external interference as possible, in as high of a capture resolution as possible to allow for more detailed analysis. By utilizing a combined analog current to digital converter packaged in a single chip, noise can be minimized and the transference of data can be better preserved due to the higher resilience of digital information towards noise. The cleaner signal combined with the high resolution ADC makes for an ideal experimentation setup for further research in this topic, as well as other related optical sensing applications. The device should be able to stream 20-bit of live sensor data in real-time through a serial port (or USB) into a computer for further analysis in MATLAB or LabView. The theory behind the device, hardware design, experimental results, efficacy and further research potentials of the device will be discussed.

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