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Patients who are recovering from illness and surgeries require a large amount of resources dedicated to them in order to monitor their well-being. At the same time, hospitals have a limited amount of resources. A proposed system, called Mobile On-Call, is a low-cost and low-power device that can be used for monitoring patients‟ well-being, which can, for example, reduce the number of hospital beds being used by patients during their recovery. The goal of this project is to create a cell phone based program to monitor a user‟s health, based on electrocardiogram data, blood pressure, and body temperature. The three vital sign signals are sent over a Bluetooth transmission interface device onto a cell phone. Data analysis is done in the cell phone on the three vital signs, such that a normal pattern for the patient is determined. If samples of the three vital signs show outlier data, a message to a physician or healthcare practitioner can be sent if deemed necessary.

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