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This report covers the design of an exoskeleton glove worn by the user to reinforce grip strength. It does this by locking the joint positions of the user in position such that the user cannot let go unless the exoskeleton receives a release signal by the user. This has applications for individuals who may be physically weaker such as the elderly or those with neuromuscular diseases. Signal acquisition is made through force and flex sensors and controlled through the arduino nano. Prototyping of the physical exoskeleton was made through meccano pieces. The main power requirements of the glove are that the exoskeleton must have a holding force of 5 lbs without exerting excess force on fingers of the user. By designing a cable loop lock mechanism with the use of solenoids, the exoskeleton is able to add holding force and provide at least 15 lbs of maximum holding force. This is in contrast a huge improvement over the cable tension system. The exoskeleton structure was designed to be compact enough to fit all actuators, locking mechanism, and the physical exoskeleton structure on to one glove.

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