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The objective of this study is to present both an update of airship design, by introducing the element of the digital computer, and the structural design of the cabin of airship CAS-1.

Various aspects of the preliminary design of an airship were subjected to refinement by use of the airship static bending moment, performance characteristics such as drag, and also the pressure distribution over the envelope in both level flight and flight at angles of attack.

Another area in which extensive use was made of the digital computer involved the development of a dynamic model of the airship flying characteristics. This model, in the form of a user oriented computer programme, allows the evaluation of the flight characteristics of various design alternatives. The maneuvers specified are those required to comply with government airworthiness requirements. The initial output is intended to form part of the compliance report for CAS-1.

The final section of this thesis involves the design and analysis of the structure of the cabin of airship CAS-1. This portion of the thesis was of immediate practical value as the construction of this cabin has been completed.

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