Volume 5 (2008) Innovation and Enterprise within a Communication sphere

Over the course of the last year there have been many changes made to the McMaster Journal of Communication and I would foremost like to welcome you to the new website. We have updated the content and look of the site, giving it a much more collegiate feel, representing both McMaster and the combined Communication Studies and Multimedia program. There is now greater ease of access to all the back issues from Volume 1 through to 5, as well as a more professional layout and design template.

This year’s theme focused on “Innovation and Enterprise within a Communication sphere” and has highlighted some of the fabulous work done by the students here at McMaster. Our first article draws on Marshall McLuhan’s international village and the social networking site Facebook in a unique look at international Facebook “friends.” Nathan Nash looks at the link between social media and the global village, concluding that while social networks have brought about some interesting trends in the use of the internet there are important aspects of the global village that it does not speak to. Our second article titled “Television Study: “Gossip Girl” and It’s Affects on Viewer’s Fashion” looks at the impact of costuming on the CW network’s popular teen drama “Gossip Girl” and its effects on viewer’s personal fashion choices. Marie Romeo explores this theme through a content analysis using three independent coders to discover if wardrobe is a predominant aspect of Gossip Girl.

Zuzanna Blaszkiewicz’s piece on weight loss promotion and reality television looks at the relationship between the ‘make-over show’ and concepts of beauty and thinness. In her analysis she explores the extent to which these same notions appear on Canadian television. In our final manuscript titled “Sustainable and Renewable Energy Development in Ontario” I explore the politicization of renewable energy sources and sustainable development, primarily wind and solar power, through a content analysis of articles spanning from 2003 to 2007. This article aims to survey the relationship between the policy paradigm of sustainable development and issues surrounding environmental awareness while delving into the current policy framework these concepts are embedded in.

This experience has broadened my knowledge and appreciation for academic publishing and the work that goes into developing a journal, something that is taken for granted by many undergraduate and graduate students with unlimited access to online publications – myself included. I would like to first thank Dr. Alexandre Sévigny for giving me the opportunity and encouragement needed to complete this project, as well as the entire communication studies department at McMaster for their feedback. A special thank you also goes to Nathan Nash for his creative direction in developing the new MJC logo and website design. Nathan’s contributions along with Sonja Camporese’s extend to the editorial board and their dedication to this year’s theme and excellence in editing and style. After many hours of reviewing these articles and working with the authors we are proud to have their work displayed and published online. A final thank you goes to Nick Ruest, digital librarian at McMaster, for his on-going technical expertise and patience.

I hope that the journal will continue to develop over the coming years, highlighting the brilliant work done through the Communication Studies and Multimedia program, as well as our Master of Arts in Communication and New Media. Enjoy!

-Morgan Harper, Editor-in-Chief, MJC 2008



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