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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Dr. J.P. Carbotte


Working within the framework of the conventional first-order variational solutions to the Boltzmann transport equation, a variety of transport properties in the alkali metals (Na, K, Rb, Li) were studied. It was found that a consistent description, in terms of a simple model pseudo-potential and using a spherical Fermi surface, is possible. In particular, it was possible to explain the pressure variation of the ideal electrical resistivities over a wide temperature range and this includes the anomalous (relative to the other metals) behaviour of Li.

Utilizing a scattering time solution to the Boltzmann equation, detailed calculations of the effects of anisotropy in the electron-phonon interaction on the electrical resistivity were carried out. In particular, the temperature dependence of the anisotropy is treated in some detail. The results were also used to discuss the temperature variation of the low field Hall coefficient.

A simple device to eliminate the divergence of the electron-phonon coupling constant (as calculated in the one orthogonalized plane wave approximation) in polyvalent metals in discussed, and its use is illustrated in the case of Al. The effects of this divergence on the resistivity are pointed out and some conclusions are drawn regarding the effects of anisotropy in polyvalent metals.

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Physics Commons