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Master of Arts (MA)




Dr. M.J. Webber


This thesis constructs a theoretical framework for the application of Marx's work to urban spatial formation. It is based on Marx's concept of the dialectic as internal relations, examining the concept with regard to the socio-spatial dialectic and the relations of production under capitalism. Marx's theory is applied to urban spatial formation with a focus on the rise of urbanism and suburbanization as manifestations of the inherent relations of the capitalist mode of production. Urbanism, as a set of relations, is discussed through the relations of production, consumption, accumulation, and centralization. The spatial manifestations of urbanization and suburbanization are considered in light of these relations and the inherently spatial moment of production, circulation; with specific emphasis on the spatial expansion of the market and the annihilation of space by time. The study of relations serves to explain more than the mechanisms involved in spatial formation; rather, it explains the dialectical relations between socio-economic and urban spatial formation.

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Geography Commons