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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. J.H. Crocket


A study has been undertaken to investigate the controls on the concentration and distribution of gold and platinum group elements in the uranium deposits of Elliot Lake.

Gold is present almost entirely in the pyrite and gold concentration in the ore varies with pyrite content. Sporadic high gold values can be related to specific sedimentary structures and may indicate the presence of original detrital gold. Gold is preferentially concentrated in pyrite compared to pyrrhotite. The distribution of gold in pyrite along the strike of the Lower Reef, Denison Mine, is difficult to explain by the placer hypothesis. It indicates that the pyrite now observed in the oligomictic conglomerates is not of direct detrital origin.

An attempt to determine the concentration and distribution of platinum group elements within the ore conglomerates failed due to experimental problems.

The distribution of the majority of major and trace elements can be related to the mineralogy of the ore reefs. Relationships with pebble size are due in part to depositional processes operating at the time the conglomerates were deposited, and possibly in part to processes operating after burial of the conglomerates.

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