Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Electrical and Computer Engineering


Professor Naresh K. Sinha


In the search for an adequate and efficient method for power system dynamic stability analysis, it is illustrated in this thesis that eigenvalues, eigenvectors and their sensitivities with respect to system parameters are very important and useful tools.

The eigenvalue-eigenvector sensitivities are generalized by deriving expressions for the Nth-order sensitivities. These expressions are recursive in nature, hence the calculations of the high-order terms do not involve too much additional computation, but lead to considerable improvements in evaluating the actual changes in the eigenvalues and eigenvectors due to large variations in the system parameters.

A comprehensive and efficient eigenvalue tracking approach has been presented to track a subset of the system eigenvalues over a wide range of parameter variations.

We have achieved an interesting result that the first- and the Nth-order sensitivities of any eigenvalue of the aggregated model with respect to a certain parameter of the original system are identical to the corresponding sensitivities of the same eigenvalue of the original system with respect to that parameter regardless of the choice of the aggregation matrix.

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