Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Mechanical Engineering


Dr. M. A. Elbestawi


The purpose of this study is to examine the role that Open Architecture Control concepts have in the application of Intelligent Machining Systems. Open Architecture Control is a relatively new field whose original intent was based on the use of "Open System" computer science concepts in the development of integrated manufacturing systems. Various manifestations of Open Architecture Control systems has been published in the open literature however, in many ways the original intent of the idea has been often obfuscated by the sometimes dissimilar interests of the engineering, computer science, academic and commercial realms involved. Intelligent Machining Systems refers to application of sensing, monitoring and control technologies to machining processes with the intent of: - improving the economic performance of machining systems, - controlling the processes involved in a comprehensive manner. Consequently, such systems represent an integration of technologies which individually address only a limited part of the overall potential for economic gain. The use of "higher level" information and control functions is a common element in Intelligent Machining Systems. These may include components of Artificial Intelligence, process planning, and supervisory control technologies. The need for a high level of integration in Intelligent Machining Systems (IMS) has presented a difficulty for their practical application. Open Architecture Control (OAC) address the integration problem directly and, if the proper Open Systems issues are well considered, can enable IMS technology for commercial use. The OAC system developed in this work does address Open Systems concepts, and has been designed with consideration for the needs of IMS's. This has been achieved through the formulation and implementation of an IMS on the designed OAC. Technologies such as process sensing, monitoring and control, in addition to planning, simulation and supervisory control have been tested and verified with the OAC for an application to turning a CNC turret lathe.

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