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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Professor J.A. Kuehner


A measurement of method II (d,αϒ) angular correlations (LF61), using a polarized deuteron beam is a powerful technique for determining spins and parities in light nuclei, since two separate correlations, corresponding to two beam polarization substates, are measured for each transition and in each case the residual nucleus is left in a strongly polarized state. This technique, together with model-independent parity assignments from T₂₀ measurements at zero degrees, has been used to measure the spins and parities of the low-lying excited states in the nucleus ³⁴P. The resulting Jπ assignments for these states are well reproduced by a shell model calculation using Wildenthal's usd interaction (Wi82). The effect of the finite particle detector size and the less than completely polarized beam on the measured correlations has been discussed and the results have been incorporated into the final analysis.

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Physics Commons