Lucy Krucko

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Master of Arts (MA)




Dr. S.M. Taylor


The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of a change in road traffic conditions on individual response to traffic noise. The partial closure of King Street in the summer of 1977 and the subsequent re-routing of traffic provided an excellent opportunity to examine the problem. This analysis uses questionnaire data collected at three sites before and during the closure. Research focuses upon changes in five sets of responses: awareness of traffic noise, annoyance, activity interference, health effects and actions taken with respect to noise. The effects of personal characteristics on change in response are also examined. In general, changes in response were slight. Awareness of traffic noise increased at two of the three sites, and annoyance at only one. There were no significant changes in any of the other responses. Weak relationships were found between two personal characteristics - age and income - and changes in response. Several reasons for the lack of change in response are postulated including the small change in noise levels, the temporary nature of the change and the publicity campaign prior to the road closure.

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