Date of Award


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Master of Science (MS)




D.J. Kenworthy


CYSDEM is a new FORTRAN based simulation language. It is used to simulate business information systems. The main feature of CYSDEM is that it concentrates on delays and distortions, to which information in actual systems is subjected to. Therefore, CYSDEM allows a more realistic representation of the movement of data within an information system.

CYSDEM is based on a schematic representation of the information system under consideration, called the CYBERSTRUCTURE. The CYBERSTRUCTURE is constructed by the user. It helps the user in identifying relevant information.

Any new computer language, requires careful verification and complete documentation. This report contains an introduction to simulation and a user's guide. Partial verification of CYSDEM was performed distribution system from Forrester's "Industrial Dynamics". The example is explained and the results are included in this report.

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