Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Engineering Physics


Professor Daniel T. Cassidy


Asymmetric Multiple Quantum Well (AMQW) lasers have wells of varying thickness and/or composition within a single active region. The different wells emit at different wavelengths. The thesis begins with a description of the basic properties of AMQW lasers which have been discovered through experimentation. Next, an experimental technique is introduced which employs AMQW lasers to study experimentally the non-uniform carrier distribution in MQW lasers. Results of three studies carried out using this new technique are presented. A theoretical model is developed to explain some of our experimental results. The theoretical treatment of carrier capture and carrier escape is discussed in detail and different treatments are compared to experimental data taken from AMQW lasers. Finally, the application of AMQW lasers as broadly tunable lasers is discussed and the key design issues for designing broadly tunable AMQW lasers are presented.

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