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Master of Engineering (ME)




A. Benedek


Unique sanitation problems exist in isolated communities, particularly those in Canada's North. These problems are compounded in the North by an undersupply of safe potable water and unsuitable ground conditions for most common Southern sanitation systems.

In an effort to meet some of these problems, a packaged water reclamation kit (WatRek) was designed. The kit was designed to be easily transported and assembled, and to produce an effluent suitable for recycle for non-potable use with a minimum of operator attention. Unit processes utilized in the prototype were: biological treatment, clarification, flow equalization, aerobic sludge digestion and activated carbon adsorption effluent quality of 30 mg/l COD and SS was considered adequate for recycle.

During evaluation the prototype met the effluent criteria at all times. The solids removal efficiency of the floating tube clarifier was found to be sensitive to energy dissipations in the aeration tank, of greater than 0.6 HP/1000 Igal. Overall net yield of microorganisms during the experimental period was estimated to be 0.08 g MLVSS/g COD removed. Seventeen days required to develop a biological floc in the aeration tank without an activated sludge seed.

The floating tube clarifier and hence the overall prototype operation were sensitive to hydraulic conditions. Prior to installation the prototype would require modification of the clarifier and the operational mode of the carbon column which was subject to inadequate backwashing. Improvements in the aeration tank system to maximize oxygen transfer and minimize agitation of the floating clarifier would also be required.

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