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Master of Arts (MA)


Religious Studies


A. M. Cooper


The purpose of the thesis is to study certain phenomena in the biblical texts as products of purposeful exegesis. Through the study of examples of inner biblical exegesis a better knowledge may be obtained of the compositional and transmissional techniques which resulted in the present shape of the biblical literature. It is suggested, therefore, that inner biblical exegesis offers empirical evidence which must be taken into consideration in any formulation of theories on the composition or transmission of the biblical materials.

The major emphasis of the thesis is that examples of inner biblical exegesis seem to indicate a greater freedom in the handling of authoritative traditions than has sometimes been suggested. While the latter emphasis is not new to biblical studies, it has not gained, complete acceptance.

In order to illustrate the functioning of inner biblical exegesis a detailed textual study of Hosea 12 was made. In the course of the latter study several new suggestions were made concerning the structure or the chapter and its meaning.

The thesis will hopefully contribute to a better knowledge of Hosea 12 and the Bible in general.

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