Maria Alessio

Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




A.G. McKay


The main points treated in this thesis may be summarised as follows:

A study of Camilla indicating her ambivalent nature, her androgynous character and her Amazonian aspect which would consequently appear to be uppermost. Upon a detailed examination, Vergil's Volscian queen would seem to have been composed from various sources in Greek and Italic folklore and history:--Harpalyce, Atalanta, Medea, Cloelia, the various Valeriae, Dido, Amata and, in Vergil's own age, Cleopatra.

In order to evaluate the character of Camilla it was necessary to examine heroism and death in other books of the Aeneid in order to introduce comparable behaviour of other heroes for an eventual assessment of character and values. When treating death and funeral rites one needed also to try and trace Vergil's sourced which were Greek, Etruscan and Roman.

These findings, together with the dramatic, ritualistic and colourful language of the text would seem to be indicative of Vergil's interests and feelings, his dislikes and reservations, and suggest some possible conclusions.

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