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Master of Arts (MA)




Dr. F.L. Hall


This thesis is concerned with the effects of non-acoustical variables on individual response to noise.

Starting with some fundamental ideas about the nature of qualitative response, a specific mathematical model of individual response is derived. The model developed, a binary logit model, is suitable for the analysis of dichotomous (0,1) response variables.

Two methods by which this model can be used to study the effect of respondent-specific, non-acoustical variables on response to noise are described and a two-stage analytical design which incorporates both approaches is developed.

The first part of the analysis combines characteristics of the respondent with noise level measurements in multivariate models of response. The second stage looks at differences in response across groups of individuals which are internally homogeneous with respect to certain key characteristics which influence response.

The general conclusions of the study are that (i) noise levels alone give a very poor explanations of the variable in individual response and (ii) the variables which influence response tend to be psychological in nature rather than socio-economic or demographic.

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