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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




M.W. Johns


The energy levels of ¹¹⁷In populated in the beta decay of ¹¹⁷Cd and ¹¹⁷mCd have been studied with the aid of Ge(Li) gamma ray detectors singly and in coincidence mode. A decay scheme based on the present results is proposed and speculation is made concerning a possible interpretation of some of the levels as a rotational band based on the 1/2+[431] Nilsson orbital.

The energy levels of ¹⁷¹Lu populated by single particle transfer reactions have been studied using an Enge spectrograph and a number of Nilsson assignments are made. These results have been complemented by a study of the gamma rays and conversion electrons following the reaction ¹⁶⁹Tm(α,2n)Lu, using Ge(Li) detectors and an on line Orange spectrometer. Assignments were made to high spin for rotational bands based on five Nilsson orbitals. In addition some interesting K forbidden interband transitions were observed and discussed in terms of Nilsson model branching ratio predictions.

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Physics Commons