Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Bachelor of Divinity (BD)


Divinity College


G.P. Albaugh


This thesis traces Baptist beginnings and the growth of Baptist churches and organisations in the Canadian North-West up to 1884. Chapter 1 traces the effort of the Eastern Baptists of Canada to establish work in the North-West to the time of the founding of the First Baptist Church in Winnipeg in 1875. Chapter 2 describes the organisational growth of the Baptist churches in the Canadian West up to the time of the formation of the Red River Association of Regular Baptist Churches in 1880. Chapter 3 depicts continuing Baptist expansion from 1881 to 1834 when growth was influenced by the work of Prairie College founded in 1880, the westward extension of railroads and the economic boom of 1881-1882. The final chapter traces the organizational struggle of Northwestern Baptists from 1880 to 1884 as declining Eastern interest, increasing American support, and Issues of Baptist polity strongly affected the formation of the Baptist Convention of Manitoba and the North- West in July, 1884.

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