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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




R.G. Summers-Gill


The nuclear structure of ¹⁴⁴Pm has been investigated by a combination of particles and ϒ ray spectroscopy. The ¹⁴³Nd(³He,d)¹⁴⁴Pm and ¹⁴³Nd(α,t)¹⁴⁴Pm reactions revealed a group of twelve levels up to an excitation of 514 keV, and other levels beyond 840 keV. The electromagnetic decays of the levels were found from high resolution singles and coincidence studies of the ¹⁴¹Pr(α,nϒ)¹⁴⁴Pm and ¹⁴⁴Nd(p,nϒ)¹⁴⁴Pm reactions.

The spins, parities and spectroscopic factors of the low lying levels, determined from the particle transfer and ϒ ray studies, can be successfully explained in terms of the mixed configurations π2d₅/₂ν2f₇/₂ and nlg₇/₂ν2f₇/₂. The observed ϒ ray branching ratios are also consistent with this interpretation. Tentative spin and parity assignments have also been made for levels beyond 840 keV.

Shell model calculations employing a surface delta interaction, have been carried out and shown to give reasonable agreement with the experimental data.

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