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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




John J. Emery


The utilization of various pelletized slags (Phosphorus, Finnish and Local Iron Blast-Furnace) in a base stabilization process and for autoclaved block manufacture was studied. For the limited number of slags considered, no clear strength development-hydraulic moduli relationship was found. A pelletized phosphorus slag was considered, but due to the adverse influence of minor constituents such as fluorine, satisfactory product strengths were not achieved. Finnish iron blast-furnace pelletized slags were considered for base stabilization, but unlike the local DOFASCO pelletized slags, do not exhibit adequate hydraulicity without activation. For the DOFASCO pelletized slags, it has been determined that field curing and durability of ground pelletized slag stabilized bases will be satisfactory. The feasibility of autoclaving masonry block using ground pelletized DOFASCO slag as both cementitious component and aggregate has been demonstrated.

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Engineering Commons