Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Applied Science (MASc)


Computing and Software


Kamran Sartipi




The variety and heterogeneity of information communication standards in different application domains are the main sources of complexity in interoperability provision among those application domains. The maturity of application domains can be assessed by the ease of communication of terms between different stakeholders in the same domain, which is central in defining standards for communication of information among organizatiuns. Currently. most research activities are focused towards standardization and illteroperabiliry among information systems within the same domain.

However. an emerging challenge is to address the exchange of information among heterogeneous applications in different domains, such as healthcare and insurance. This requires data extraction to obtain common subsets of information in the collaborating domains. The second step would be to provide intra-domain and inter-domain semantic interoperability through proprietary and shared ontology systems.

In this context, we address the above challenges through description of a framework that employs healthcare standard development frameworks and clinical terminology systems to achieve semantic interoperability between distributed systems among different application domains. A real world case study, which addresses message-oriented integration of business processes between healthcare and insurance is demonstrated.

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