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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




G.P. Grant




This thesis considers the major social analyses and studies of the Bible undertaken by the French scholar Jacques Ellul -- under the rubric of his understanding of the Christian doctrine of the two realms. The first chapter examines Enull's own perception of his task as an intellectual layman, participating in the work of the Church. Then the rest of the thesis deals with the way in which he proceeds. It is divided into two parts that analyze, in some detail ,his approaches to A) proper sociological descriptions of the technological society and B) the Bible which is the source for his comprehension of what is at stake in this society. The two parts come together in his reflections that the bible does speak to the world that we are currently trying to build.

The purpose of this examination is, first, to clarify what Ellul is attempting to accomplish. Secondly, it seeks to demonstrate the underlying unity that anchors the main strands of his thought. Thirdly, although no complete assessment is intended, the thesis suggests that Ellul's main contribution lies in the challenge he presents to the modem world d from the centre of the Protestant sola scripture tradition.

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