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Master of Social Work (MSW)


Social Work


Rick Sin




This study explores the conceptions and understanding of gambling and problem gambling among Croatian Canadians in Hamilton. This study aims to outline how Croatian Canadians perceive and understand gambling and problem gambling, while also examining the level of knowledge and awareness of the current available services and resources for problem gamblers in Hamilton and the surrounding area. Using purposive and snow-ball sampling, five key informants from the community were recruited and interviewed for this study.

The findings from this study demonstrate that gambling and problem gambling is common amongst Croatian Canadians in Hamilton. However, the level of awareness and use of problem gambling services is quite low. The participants were also able to outline a number of key recommendations on how to raise awareness on problem gambling, as well as the levels of service use among members of this community. In addition, the participants also described the concerns of stigma associated with talking about problem gambling, and how this relates to cultural upbringings, such as the influence of religions and communism. Further, while Croatian Canadians may be viewed as a single, cohesive, homogenous group, this in fact is not the case. The community is quite divided, and there are a number of diverse opinions and understandings as a result. The participants suggest that since the community has so many different sub-groups, it is difficult for agencies and organizations to disseminate information, as not all members of the community are being reached. Further, this internal diversity of opinions and understandings of gambling and problem ganlbling also challenges any totalizing notions of cultural difference, or understanding.

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