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Master of Science (MS)




Professor S.B. McCann


Four aspects of the "Schei River" basin, a 91.2 km² glacierized catchment at the head of Vendom Fiord, Ellesmere Island (78ºN, 82ºW), were investigated during the 1974 runoff season. The postglacial evolution of the basin is studied through comparison of the present river system with a reconstruction of drainage at the time of deglaciation. The three month runoff regime of the basin is analysed in terms of glacial and nival contributions, response to meteorologic inputs and ice-damming and an approximate water-balance is calculated. Measurements of concentration and load of suspend and dissolved sediment are discussed in terms of controlling factors and geomorphic implications. Finally, the fluvial and glaciofluvial Landforms of the basin are described, with emphasis on the cobble-size distribution of sandur deposits.

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Geography Commons