Date of Award


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Master of Arts (MA)


Romance Languages


B. S. Pocknell




The purpose of this paper will be to examine Jean Cocteau's principle of Eoésie de théâtre, as expressed in his preface to les Mariés de la Tour Eiffel, and to perceive, through the chronological study of his dramatic works, the progressive modification of this principle which consistently retains its validity.

I propose: in Towards a Definition to situate Cocteau in an atmosphere which sollicits a change in the form of theatre art; in Rejuvenation of the Classics by poésie de théâtre to study the techniques of conceptual presentation; in Poésie de théâtre at Maturity to show expressive formula imagery as a refinement of the original principle; in From Classical to Modern Myth to examine the import of poésie de théâtre in a contemporary theme; in Later Works to summarily discuss relevant works of lesser range; to evaluate, in the Conclusion, the importance of Cocteau's concept in the art of theatre.

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