Date of Award


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Master of Arts (MA)


Romance Languages


G. D. West




The aim of this study is to show the literary influences and sources of the supernatural vessels in the Vulgate Cycle with particular concentration on the two religiously oriented and complementary stories, Lestoire del Saint Graal and La Queste del Saint Graal. Among the influences found are fairy and oriental literature, and Greek and Roman mythology which appear to be as prominent as the Biblical material on which the works are based.

In addition, based on the use of the supernatural vessel as a motif, an attempt has been made to determine whether the three stories of the Vulgate Cycle in which these vessels appear, La Mort le Roi Artu, the Estoire and the Queste, are due to a single author, independent authors, or an 'architect' with multiple authors. With reference particularly to the latter two, the evidence, based mostly on the common material of the Solomon's ship episode, seems to indicate that two authors of differing ability were responsible.

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