Jeaman Choi

Date of Award


Degree Type


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Master of Theological Studies (MTS)


Divinity College


Mark Boda




Psalm 29 is studied first as a discrete poem using poetic analysis (parallelism, imagery, verse patterns) and then as a psalm within the larger context of the Psalter using a canonical approach. Psalm 29 as a discrete poem reveals the mighty power of the LORD as eternal king over His created world. The meaning of Ps 29 is clearly expanded in the context of the whole Psalter. In the context of the introductory (Pss 1-2) and concluding psalms (Pss 146-150) of the Psalter, Ps 29 emphasizes the theme of the kingship of the LORD. In the context ofPss 23-30 and in the wider canonical contexts (Books I-V), however, the emphasis ofPs 29 clearly shifts from the theme of the kingship of the LORD to the theme of the temple of the LORD. Reading Ps 29 in the context of the Psalter, reveals not only the kingship of the LORD over the cosmic forces, but also the importance of the temple of the LORD where the LORD dwells.

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