Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Engineering (ME)


Mechanical Engineering


Dr. J. H. T. Wade


A streamlined cross-section heat pipe manufactured from 4130 steel, using water as the working fluid and layers of 200 mesh stainless-steel screen for a wick was designed and tested. The experimental effort was directed toward two main objectives. The first objective was to determine the operational details of building a streamlined heat pipe system for experimental use. The second objective was to test the heat pipe at different inclinations to determine the effect of gravity on heat pipe performance.

The axial temperature distributions, performance data and parameters for the streamlined heat pipe, at various power input and angles of inclination, were presented, analysed and compared with existing theories and previous investigations.

The heat pipe transferred a maximum power of 250 watts while installed horizontally. As the evaporator was raised above the condenser level, the maximum heat decreased, and at the vertical orientation, no thermal equilibrium was attained, at a power input of 25 watts.

The performance of the heat pipe was also compared with that of a solid conductor having the same shape. The equivalent thermal conductivity and specific output calculated, were found to be approximately four and thirteen times respectively greater, than that of a similar solid pure copper rod.