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Master of Arts (MA)




William C. Noble




Since Wright (1966) proposed his early, middle and late Ontario Iroquois Traditions, the earliest period has been the one least reported upon until very recently. New contributions by Noble and Kenyon (1972) and Noble (1973) have broadened our knowledge of the Glen Meyer culture of the early Ontario Iroquois Tradition, and his monograph is intended to fill some of the gaps in our knowledge of the contemporaneous other branch: Pickering.

Data on settlement, artifact, subsistence, and trade patterns are provided for the boys site and compared to the earlier Pickering Miller village (Kenyon 1968) and to the later Pickering Bennett site (Wright and Anderson 1969) in order to place Boys chronologically and confirm previously reported seriational trends. New data for chronological ordering is provided, and a number of unique features of Boys discussed.

Comparisons of Boys with the synchronic Glen Meyer village of Van Besien are presented, and overall Pickering and Glen Meyer comparisons further clarify the distinctions between the two cultures.

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