Date of Award


Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Work and Society


C.A.B. Yates




Union participation is an integral part of almost every union. This thesis studies the dimensions of participation in local union activities. The study is based on a survey that was conducted at the Hamilton-Wentworth Elementary Teachers Local. The study looks at participation trends within this union, looking at variables such meeting attendance, voting behaviours, and social event attendance, among others. This study finds that participation in this union is relatively high compared to many unions in comparable studies. It also finds that gender was not a barrier to participation. Women in this union participated at a higher level than men. The study also outlines how union structure issues as well as leadership issues affect participation of the union members. This paper outlines why participation is important to this particular union, as well as why participation is important to unions in general.

McMaster University Library

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