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Master of Arts (MA)


Classical Studies


Paul Murgatroyd




The amatory epigrams of Dioscorides have been largely ignored by scholars. The bulk of the comment that his erotic poems have received has concerned the text; little has been written in way of appreciation of the poetic craft of the epigrammatist. In this thesis I have focused on developing a critical appreciation of the amatory epigrams of Dioscorides. I have devoted each chapter to one of the thirteen epigrams of Dioscorides, with the exception of chapters four, seven and eight. In these chapters I have dealt with the epigrams which seem to have been written in the same tradition. The chapters break down as follows: chapter one deals with A.P. 5. 138; chapter two 5. 55; chapter three 5. 54; chapter four 12. 37 and 5. 56; chapter five 12.42; chapter six 12. 14; chapter seven 5. 53 and 193; chapter eight 5.52 and 12. 170; chapter nine 12. 171; chapter ten 12. 169.

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