Date of Award

Fall 2011

Degree Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Clinical Health Sciences (Health Research Methodology)


Kevin Brazil


Paul Krueger, Jenny Ploeg, Alan Taniguchi

Committee Member

Paul Krueger, Jenny Ploeg, Alan Taniguchi



Despite increasing global interest in regional palliative care networks (PCN) to integrate care, little explicit direction exists to guide their evaluation. The first step of this research was to develop a comprehensive conceptual framework using a systems approach for evaluating integrated palliative care. This framework was then used to guide a rigorous examination of a selected PCN.


The conceptual framework was derived from the empirical literature, incorporating principal features of network integration. A case study methodology was used to assess structure (administration) and process (provider) levels in the framework through document review, a PCN executive interview, and surveys with organizational administrators and health professionals who provide palliative care in the community catchment of the PCN.


Key features to efficient palliative care delivery are currently lacking across this PCN area. Still, the 20 responding administrators (90% response rate) largely viewed Network accomplishments positively and the resulting partnerships as beneficial and collaborative. Additional efforts were seen as required in ensuring palliative care patient identification, reducing silos between organizations, and greater by-in from regional authorities. Relative to processes, the 86 health care providers (85% response rate) reported valuing collaboration and reflected positively on many of the framework elements measured. Insufficiencies were perceived in support for case conferencing and evaluative activities, as well as in informational access.


This study enabled us to test both the utility of the framework and the capacity of the selected PCN for providing quality, integrated palliative care. This study represents an important initial attempt at examining network-integrated palliative care.

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