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Master of Arts (MA)


Music Criticism


James A. Deaville




As one of Canada's longest continuing music periodicals, Musical Canada (1906-1933) is an important representative of musical sentiment at the early part of this century. Due to its extensive coverage of Canadian musical events, the journal appealed to both music lovers and professional musicians alike. Throughout its publication history, Musical Canada tried to uphold its ideal of providing Canada with an indigenous music journal which would reflect the thoughts and interests of its musical community, and thereby fill a void in Canadian music journalism of that time. As a thorough chronicle, Musical Canada now can function as a valuable resource for information on the concerts, competitions, musicians, and general musical sentiment of its period.

Apart from examining the details of the publication, this thesis discusses the editors, critics, journalists, and composers who contributed to Musical Canada, what they contributed, and the influences that they had upon the journal. Issues raised throughout Musical Canada's twentyseven years are evaluated with particular emphasis on nationalism and musical items of interest to the nation. A selection of original articles and compositions from the music supplement are compiled in two appendices - the former is indexed chronologically, then by author/composer.

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