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Bachelor of Arts (BA)


Political Economy


It readers derive half as much pleasure from reading this thesis as I have had in writing it, then it is possessive of some worth in spite of its superficial treatment of agriculture and the Canadian ecnomy. Time, space and training have placed a severe limitation on the treatment of a topic, which, if adequately developed, would encompass a goodly portion of the economic history of Canada and contemporary aspects and problems of the Canadian economy.

In this thesis I have little more than traced in outline form the place of agriculture in the economy with the aim of providing a background to some of the long run problems of the Canadian economy posed by agriculture in order to suggest an agricultural policy which, in my humble opinion, could prove corrective of the fundamental maladjustments responsible for those problems.

My thanks to Dr. R.G. McIvor for his patient supervision and expert guidance; to Miss Laura Freeman for her courteous assistance in the pursuit of periodicals and public documents; and to Miss Dorothy Tomlinson for her cheerful perseverance in putting this manuscript into readable form.

McMaster University Library

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