Jodey Derouin

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Master of Arts (MA)


Religious Studies


Travis Kroeker




In this thesis, I examine the way in which Jürgen Moltmann and Juan Luis Segundo dialogue with Karl Marx. I point to the general similarities and differences that exist between each theologian's encounter with Marx. The scope of this thesis is limited to an examination of two of Segundo's works, The Liberation of Theology and Faith and Ideologies, and three of Moltmann's works, Theology of Hope, The Crucified God, and The Church in the Power of the Spirit. While the thought of Marx has significantly influenced both Segundo and Moltmann, I argue throughout this thesis that Moltmann and Segundo profoundly disagree with the philosophical anthropology that is assumed by Marx. In other words, Segundo and Moltmann do not agree with Marx's way of defining the essence of the human being. Moreover, I contend that their disagreement with Marx on this issue, colours the way in which they react to every other aspect of Marx's thought. Finally, I suggest that while Moltmann is most interested in Marx's theoretical or abstract discussions, Segundo is much more concerned with the practical implications of Marx's thought.

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