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Master of Arts (MA)




Patricia Sutherland




This thesis deals primarily with the description and analysis of archaeological material excavated at the Partridge Island site. A secondary focus is the assessment of assemblage variation, reflecting differences in site utilization, between island and mainland sites in Passamaquoddy Bay, New Brunswick.

Artifacts, features and supporting faunal data from two Partridge Island components are examined, first to ascertain the position of Partridge Island in relation to chronological sequences suggested for the Maine/Maritimes region. Comparison between Partridge Island assemblages and those from contemporaneous mainland sites is then provided.

The result of analysis of the Partridge Island data indicates that the site compares well with other Early and Middle Woodland-related assemblages throughout the Maine/Maritimes region. The sole exception to this is the presence of well documented and dated features, diagnostic artifacts and faunal remains, predating circa 2,000 B.P. that have not been identifi,ed elsewbere. Comparisons of artifact and feature forms from island and mainland sites do not suggest differing utilization of island and mainland sites, however, no firm conclusions can be drawn.

The problems of comparing sites in Passamaquoddy Bay are discussed and suggestions are offered for the, direction of future research.

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