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Doctor of Ministry (DMin)


Divinity College


Reinhold Kerstan




During a twelve-week test period the writer researched the problem of how to enhance the responsiveness of the worshiping congregation to God's presence in the preached word on Sunday mornings. A fivemember support team in. the local church assisted the writer in the development of four tools for measuring the congregation's responsiveness to God's presence in the preached word on Sunday mornings. The four measuring tools were: 1. Two Video Cameras, 2. A Response Form, 3. A Weekly Discussion Group, and 4. Personal Interviews. The development of these tools was aided by feedback from the congregation. From the research the writer gleaned these five principles of preaching for response called, Apples of Gold: 1. Seeing God's Pictures, 2. The Anointing of God, 3. Touching Real Needs, 4. Listening to the Listeners, and 5. Focusing on God's Calling. It was observed that these Apples of Gold were enriched by three special relationships: 1. The Spirit of Generosity, 2.The Spirit of Expectation, and 3. The Transcendent Spirit of God. The writer includes a 37-page, selected bibliography under four disciplines: 1. Contemporary Environment, 2. Worship Setting, 3. Preaching Focus, and 4. Hermeneutical Necessity including journal articles from both Leadership and Preaching plus a few videos.

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