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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Professor E. L. McCandless


A turbidimetric assay was adapted so as to enable kinetic measurements (rates of precipitation) of antigen-antibody reactions (i.e. agarose medium turbidimetric assay). This technique provides a simple rapid method for investigating differences in the immunochemical reactivity of carrageenans of a given type to a specific antibody preparation. Antibodies to κ- λ- and ι-carrageenan were raised in goats and characterized; the antigenic structural components responsible for interaction with the antibody were determined. An investigation of the finer details of carrageenan structural, chemical and immunochemical variability was undertaken. The agarose medium turbidimetric assa was used as an efficient probe to detect gross or subtle variations in carrageenan structure. These structural variations were further characterized by chemical and physical procedures. A carrageenan from P. middendorfii (P. franciscana) was found to represent a unique polymer herein referred to as π-carrageenan.

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Biology Commons