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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Dr. J.C. Waddington


The level structures of the odd and odd-odd deformed nuclei ¹⁷⁷Ta and ¹⁷⁶Ta have been studied by means of (Heavy, Ion, xn) reactions. Gamma singles, Υ-angular distribution, delayed gamma singles, ϒ-ϒ prompt, coincidence, ϒ-ϒ delayed coincidence and delayed conversion electron measurements were used. Isomeric states with half-lives of 78 ns and 3.8 μs were established at (1309.0) keV and 2826.8 KeV in ¹⁷⁶Ta and ¹⁷⁷Ta, respectively.

The interpretation of the high spin states has been carried out within the framework of the quasiparticle model, these states being assigned many-quasiparticle configurations. Experimentally deduced energy levels in ¹⁷⁷Ta were found to agree well with calculated values using the experimentally determined energies of lower-order many-quasiparticle states in ¹⁷⁶Hf and ¹⁷⁷Ta and a zero-range interaction between unpaired nucleons.

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Physics Commons