Date of Award

Fall 2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Applied Science (MASc)


Engineering Physics


Rafael Kleiman


Graeme Luke



Committee Member

Ravi Selvaganapathy


With the advances in MEMS technology, the studies of the properties of magnetic crystals have reached the microscopic level. Critical information such as the magnetization and susceptibility of a magnetic sample can be obtained using a microtorque magnetometer, such as ones incorporating piezoresistive or capacitive detection that have been fabricated and tested by earlier research groups. This type of magnetic information is useful in the study of superconductivity, for example. The microtorque magnetometer designed and fabricated in this thesis has the potential of being used in this field of study.

This thesis describes the design, fabrication and testing of a capacitive microtorque magnetometer. By using ANSYS, a computer modelling program, an ideal model of the rotating microtorque magnetometer was devised. Fabrication involved testing a variety of procedures before establishing the successful and efficient method of building the microtorque magnetometer. A fifth order resonant mode was successfully detected during the testing stage. A method of studying the desired resonant mode has been devised and explained in the later chapters of this thesis.

McMaster University Library

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