Hon Kit Leung

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Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)




Dr. D. W. Taylor


We have made a theoretical investigation of some of the transport properties of Aluminium. Our calculations include fully (a) the real Fermi Surface in the 4-OPW model of Ashcroft, (b) the electron-phonon matrix element with 15-OPW mixing for the electronic states and (c) the details of the variations of the Fermi velocities on the Fermi Surface (FS).

This is the first calculation to go beyond a spherical surface and single plane wave description of the electron-phonon interaction in Aluminium. We obtain results for the mass-enhancement parameter for electrons on the Fermi surface, the superconducting energy gaps, the transport lifetimes as they enter in the electrical resistivity and thermal resistivity. Results for the Hall coefficient and effect of phonon-drag on the electrical resistivity and thermopower are also obtained. We have investigated the effect of a small amount of non-magnetic impurities on the Hall coefficient and Deviations from Mathieson's Rule. For all these effects a great deal of agreement is obtained with experimental data.

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